Is There Really A “New Normal”?


Written by Goerge McClellan

Don’t bet on it! The Left is trying to convenience us that the sudden lifestyle changes we are
now experiencing is the “New Normal.” Why? Because its pure Socialism and the Democrats
see it as an opportunity, while we’re in confused quarantine, to impose their Socialism.

We see the “New Normal” that Democrats envision as more police SWAT teams in armored
vehicles raiding bars and arresting folks at gun point for not following the governments orders to
stay confined. Or like two police officers did, responding to a Leftist neighborhood snitch
reporting her neighbors kid was playing with another child unmasked. The two police officers,
male and female, Gestapo style, ordered, ordered mind you, the mother, the object of the
“snitch” wrath, to not let her child play with the other child. These people have shredded the
Constitution and that’s the New Normal we’re looking at? I can happily resist this type of new
normal until government has no more money left in its coffers to pay me and my lawyers.

Politically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s machinations of the rules, ie: changing House voting
rules in order to gain a proxy advantage over Republicans, to keep Congress persons safe,
smacks of a desperate need to lie and cheat in order to steal the 2020 elections. Hillary tried
cheating and it didn’t work, so we can’t let our guard down for one-second. And worse, Pelosi
herself wrote a three trillion dollar Democrat self-help bill package to show us Democrats really
care for us “Deplorable’s.”  It stands as a major distraction from Americas desperate need to
clean up the RICO mess Obama has made out of the Justice Department, the FBI, IRS and
CIA, and the mess Pelosi and Schumer have made of the Democrat Party and Congress.

We stand back in amazement as the mendacious culprits who, in a travesty of application used
the lawful instruments of government justice, that protect us, to unlawfully destroy Lt. Gen.
Flynn. They tergiversate to escape the awful consequences of their actions that should follow,
ie: a firing squad. Make no mistake, former FBI director Comey is in deep trouble as will several
of Obama’s holdover plants, who lied in their testimony before Congress, will be themselves.

It may sound “McCarthyite,” but these Socialists in our government are really creepy people.
They never quit, even in the face of factual evidence of their misdeeds! As their once
supposedly armored-clad case against Lt.Gen. Flynn dissolves into colloidal swamp gas and the
details of their conspiratorial efforts to wrongly convict the general are revealed, their can be no
possible exculpation for their wicked deeds. Therein lies the key to destroying the Socialist’s.

While what Pelosi is doing with the House screams “New Normal,”it is each house of Congress
that makes its own rules. Former Sen. Majority leader, Harry Reid was famous for doing just that
and ended up defeating his own intended purpose, giving the power to change rules to the
Republicans who superseded him. Chuckie Schumer now stands before the cameras and posits
that Republican’s are wasting their time chasing non-stories, like those silly little minor issues of
lying to Senate committees and should be ignored as irrelevant.

The double edged sword of justice is getting dull if not out right rusty. There is a history of dead
people who crossed Hillary Clinton. Not to denigrate Obamas role, but it’s Hillary Clinton who
sits atop the Democrat food chain and should any of these people beneath her “drop the dime,”
she could be in real jeopardy too. How she gets out of it remains to be seen but I wouldn’t
recommend naming her as an insurance beneficiary in case of death. Can we expect to see the
odd suicide or two in the coming months? Possibly! And, Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself
either. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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