FYN Sports Top 5 Football Stadiums in Our Viewing Area

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Just here to spark a little bit of fun debate during the off-season! Our writers blind voted on their favorite stadiums in our viewing area, and these were the results. I’m sure everyone will have their own opinion, so let us hear your opinions and what we got wrong!

Each stadium write up is written by a member of the schools community.

1. Fannin County High School

Fannin County High School Football Stadium comes in at #1 on our FYN Sports Top Football Stadium in our Coverage Area.

Although the stadium has no nickname, it is often been referred to in the past as “The Battlefield”

Fannin County may have the best entrance in all of Georgia. The Rebels walk out of their locker-room directly to a gigantic blow up Fannin County Football Helmet.  Coach Cheatham usually is the 1st one to break open the facemask on the helmet and the Fannin County Football team walks onto the field with arms locked. The cannon fires, the smoke rises, music blares, lights go out and then flash from pole to pole. It is a striking entrance and one that every High School Football fan needs to see.

Yes, we mentioned a Cannon. And yes, it does fire. Every time Fannin County enters the stadium and scores a Touchdown the Cannon is shot and is heard throughout the town of Blue Ridge. Yes, we mentioned Lights cutting off and flashing. Every time a Touchdown is scored Fannin County’s LED Light system will flash from pole to pole igniting the roar of the Fannin County 12th man.

Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” is played and PA Announcer Tim Towe famous “ITS 3rd DOWN” sparks the Rebel Nation to make noise on 3rd Down.

I think if you witnessed a game here during Fannin County’s magical season last season you would agree with our choice.

The Stadium is a true 12th man Atmosphere. Powered by everything we have mentioned and the award winning Fannin County High School Marching band, the cheerleaders and “The Blue Crew” ( Student Section)  Fannin County is our choice for Top Stadium in our coverage area.

2. Murphy High School

Photo taken by Mark Muir

David Gentry Field at Bob Hedrix memorial stadium is nothing short of picturesque. The location of the stadium is one of it’s best qualities, being right off the road and allowing passers by to honk their car horns and cheer on the Dogs, whether that be on Friday night or Tuesday afternoon at practice. Watching the team walk down the hill at 7:27 on Friday night just before kickoff is electric. The sun setting behind the visiting bleachers on a crisp fall evening is really something to behold. Dont even get me started on the sheer history of what’s been accomplished on that field. 10 state championship teams have played under those lights, and for the past 40 years, perhaps the greatest High School football coach of all time has coached on that sideline. Add to that JR Carrol shouting “1st and 10 Bulldogs” over the speakers, you’ve got a recipe for one of the greatest high school football atmospheres in the country.

Photo taken by MHS Athletics on Facebook

They don’t call it “BULLDOG COUNTRY” for nothin’.

Former Dogs Head Coach & Hall of Famer David Gentry said, “There’s no better high than the one you get on Friday nights in Murphy between the hours of 7:30 & 9:30. That feeling you get for those two hours, it’s unattainable anywhere else.”

3. Robbinsville High School

Robbinsville’s Big Oaks Stadium is a rethink-your-ranking kind of stadium. A truly historical field, it has hosted the home games of over 50 years of Black Knight football teams without ever being moved to a new location. The stadium is also directly adjacent to the original “old rock” schoolhouse of the 1900s.

The field is not the only piece of historical significance—the players themselves, often generational descendants of fellow state champions, give the Friday Night aesthetic of a Robbinsville Black Knights’ football game the aura of dominance. These boys know the magnitude of what they are playing for.

With 14 State Titles earned on its grass, the Big Oaks guarantees you a night of knock-down and drag-out, old-fashioned football, complete with rows of aged-oak trees, and a sunset view over its Smoky Mountain backdrop. Being the true embodiment of the AC/DC rock hit—Back In Black—the Big Oaks Stadium is THE must see stop of any stadium tour.

4. Union County High School

Photo from Chris Mathis

We look to Union County’s Mike Colwell Memorial Stadium a.k.a “The Mike.” There are many great high school football venues; not many, however, pack a 1-2 punch with a beautiful view and electric atmosphere like this one.

Photo from Chris Mathis

This venue offers a beautiful turf field and an even more astounding view of the crisp Blue Ridge Mountains. Mike Colwell Memorial Stadium is one that you’ll never forget, one that provides a bit of everything you could ever want on a Friday night underneath the lights!

5. Pickens County High School

Photo from North Cobb Electrical Services


What can there be said about Dragon Stadium? The crowd, the atmosphere, the view? It starts when you pull into Pickens High School with Sharptop Mountain in the background. The sun coming down behind the trees. The Dragons walking down the hill as they make their entrance. The thing about being in a small, mountain community, when the Dragons take the field, it’s the main attraction on Friday nights. There is no doubt, that Dragon Stadium has one of the more picturesque backgrounds in the state of Georgia.

Friday Night Lights Kickoff- Copper Basin @ Polk County

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Copper Basin

Opening week of football in the state of Tennessee. The Copper Basin Cougars ventured up HWY 64, or what the locals call “The River Road” and took a right turn on HWY 411. Shortly after being on 411 the Cougars arrived at Larry G Davis Football Complex at Polk County High School. 


The Cougars, defeated Polk County last season 15-7 in Copperhill. Entering the game on Friday, Copper Basin had not defeated Polk at Polk since 2002, when Former Head Coach Mark Stone led the team to a 15-6 victory. 


Polk County won the toss and elected to receive.  On the 1st play from scrimmage Polk County QB, Kole Green, had reservations for 6 as he ran 61 yards for a Wildcat Touchdown. 


Copper Basin would answer. Quarterback Bryson Grabowski, would run into the end zone for a Touchdown run of 5 yards. Grabowksi, also ran in the 2 point conversion as the Cougars would lead the Wildcats 8-7 with 1:04 left in the 1st quarter. 


At the end of 1st, Basin, would still lead 8-7. Polk County would not be able to get anything going on the 1st drive of the 2nd half. Copper Basin’s Timmy Fair, had a long run which set up Grabowski to Dawson Worthy for a 19 yard Touchdown pass. Grabowski again would run in the 2 PT Conversion. Copper Basin would now lead 16-7 with 8 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. 


Polk County would put together a drive into Cougar territory with 1st down runs by Eddie Lamb and Green. Copper Basin’s Joe Boggs, would make a big stop in the backfield to bring up 4th down for Polk County. The Field Goal was missed but a running into the kicker penalty against Copper Basin would give Polk County new life and a 1st down. Polk would convert another 1st down and which set up 1st and goal for the Wildcats. Timmy Fair had a big stop In the backfield on 3rd and goal for Basin.  Polk County would kick a 31 yard field goal to cut the score to 16-10 with 2:23 left in the 2nd. 


16-10 would be your halftime score in favor of the Cougars. 


Copper Basin started to taste victory on their 1 drive of the 3rd quarter. Grabowski, this time from 3 yards out would find paydirt making it 22-10 with 8:02 left in the 3rd. 


Polk County was unable to get anything going on the next possession. Cade Foster would recover a fumble for the cougars. The very next drive Polk County would force a fumble of their own and recover it. 


Rain started to pickup as we entered the 4th quarter. Grabowski would run for a 21 yard touchdown on the 1st play of the 4th quarter. Making it 29-10 after the extra point. 


Polk County would not go away quietly as they would find the end zone from 5 yards out. 2 point conversion was good making it 29-18. 


Copper Basin would recover the onside kick and would run out the clock. Final score Copper Basin 29 Polk County 18 


Copper Basin is now 1-0 and will host Georgia Force Christian in their home opener. Kickoff will be  Friday Night August 28th 7:30pm at Copper Basin High School

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